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White Teeth

Would you like to know how to whiten teeth that will make you look & feel great?

Of course you would, but did you know that almost 90% of teeth whitening methods simply don’t work. You will find lots of different teeth whitening kits on the internet and in the shops, all claiming they are the best way for how to get white teeth and have a brilliant smile. However, most of these claims are false and will only make you lose money, some methods are not even safe to use!


Are There Any Teeth Whitening Kits That Do Work?

If you want to how to whiten teeth fast – the quickest way, a teeth whitening kit can help. But with the media hype that most teeth whitening kits use everyday, how can you choose the right one?


2 Different Types of Products – Key Ingredients

Peroxide Based

Up until November 2012, there was basically one main teeth whitener product that was based on using peroxides to whiten your teeth. One of these products was designed and supplied by a dentist in the USA and is even FDA approved.

You will find the best selling Peroxide based teeth whitener here.

There was however a change in EU Legislation that now prevents the supply of any peroxide based teeth whitening products if the levels exceed a certain level.


Non Peroxide Based

In order to comply with the EU legislation, non peroxide based products were introduced during 2012, which have been producing excellent results. The main ingredients used in these vary, as some may use Sodium Bicarbonate, and others use Sodium Perborate. Although this has been around for a long time, they are added to other natural ingredients to produce an effective and safe teeth whitener. More importantly, the manufacturers are keen to point out that they fully complies with UK & EU Law.

You will find the best selling Non Peroxide based teeth whitener here.


Top Product For The UK & EU market:

From our extensive studies into the products that are available, here is the one that we would  recommend for persons getting hold of a product within the UK & EU:


Mint Cosmetics

Mint CosmeticsMint Cosmetics have been around for a while now and have many excellent success stories. They are very keen to stress that they legally allowed to be sold in the whole of the EU. This is what they state:

  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Results within 30 minutes
  • Unique gel – Sodium Perborate which releases Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Shades lighter in only 1 application
  • More than 2 full weeks of treatment in each kit – and enough for a top up!
  • Laboratory quality customised mouth trays
  • Results lasting up to 2 years – enough gel for 2 courses

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Top Product For Outside the EU:


Dr George’s Dental White

Dr Georges Dental WhiteDr Georges Dental White  is regarded as the top product for teeth whitening and was the No.1 choice by the Daily Mail. In addition to this it has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey show 5 times. This is what they state:

  • FDA Approved with proven track record
  • Up to 11 shades lighter in 2 weeks
  • Results within 30 minutes
  • 14 money back guarantee
  • Same formula as used by dentists
  • 4 Times more gel than any other kit


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10 Important Tips & Guidance as To How To Get White Teeth & Choose The Best Teeth Whitening Products

To choose the correct product for you, you must choose well and keep yourself fully informed and making sure that the product you want to buy meets the following criteria:


1. Ingredients

You should be able to know and find out exactly what ingredients are used to manufacture the teeth whitening kit. There are many manufacturers who do not disclose their ingredients they use.


2. Side Effects

Again, most of the teeth whitening products on the market will not mention any side effects of their products.

You will have to read all the details on their website very carefully to find if use of the product can cause any side effects. If there are no warnings given, however minor, simply don’t buy these products as they could be hazardous to your health.


Are The Products Safe To Use

You must know that the products are safe to use for you and your family.


Sensitive Teeth

If you suffer from sensitive teeth, then you will need to look an alternative teeth whitening kit. A lot of the teeth whiteners now come with ‘after care gels’ to help prevent this.


3. Clinical Proof

Clinical TrialsAll manufacturers will tell you that their product works, otherwise they would not be in business. But how can you be sure about the claims they make?

Can they provide any certificates to prove the effectiveness of the product? Do they hold results of any clinical studies they highlight?



4. FDA Approved

FDA ApprovedOne of the best recommendations is that of being FDA approved, which is a USA standard. This should help anyone when considering the purchase of a product and is proof that they have been subject to stringent ongoing testing.


5. EU Compliant

EU CompliantIt is important to be aware of the EU legislation regarding the sale of teeth whitening products containing peroxides.

Full details are covered here


6. How Does The Product Work

It is essential that you know and understand how the product actually works. You need to know if using that product will fit in with your current lifestyle and suits your needs.


7. Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction GuaranteedTo put it simply, if a product does not provide a money back guarantee, then don’t buy it.

A money back guarantee will always tell you that the manufacturer of the teeth whitening kit is so confident about their product, if it does not meet your expectations you will get your money back.

Always look for a minimum of a 7 day money back guarantee, which will ensure that you have peace of mind.


8. Consumer Support

If you check out the site and cannot find any method of contacting them, then leave the site. Most of the top products will provide a dedicated support service dependent on which Country you reside in. If they don’t provide after care support details, this is a clear sign that website is a scam. If you buy the products they promote, you will be simply throwing your money away without any comeback.


9. Free Trials

Free TrialFrom experience, you will find that almost all of the free trials are scams and have been subject to investigations.

When you get your so called free sample, you will have to provide credit card details. You will then receive your product, but will then be billed after say 14 days. It has been known before that re-billing has taken place many times by some scam companies and it is very difficult to stop them.  If it looks too good to be true…it probably is.


10. Reputation and Testimonials

The reputation of a company is very important. Only buy from companies who have been in the teeth whitening market for many years.  Always look for testimonials, before and after pictures of real people. To assist, all testimonials are subject to strict advertising guidelines in most countries and the companies displaying them on their websites must be able to verify them.


SUMMARY – Finding the Best Teeth Whitening Kits

So, when you are looking how to whiten teeth and want to choose the best teeth whitening kit for yourself, you need to make sure that you carry out extensive research to consider all of the points I have stated above. Yes, you will find that making a choice is very time consuming.

In order to assist you even more, we have created a category called ‘Our Product of The Month’ which you see at the top right hand side of this page.

In addition to this, you will find a list of ‘Teeth Whitening Reviews & useful articles‘ to ensure that you will only find the best teeth whitening products that meet our strict criteria. Products that we know will work best for you for fast, safe and proven methods on how to get white teeth.

We provide information of all the topics that you will need.


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